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Tools For Personal Growth

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

It is better to be great full/grateful for what you have than to be all ways/always seeking more things to be grateful for.

Braking detrimental habits leads to breaking those habits.

If a place feels safe and pleasing to you: Feel the environment embrace all of you. Feel yourself opening to and embracing the environment.

Experience the blessing of just to be in this place and time.

Virtuous Cycle: Feeling joyous makes you and others around you feel better. The better you feel, the more joyous you can become.

Feel happy. It is contagious to others and also to ourselves.

Meditation heals in addictively beneficial ways. Meditate with eyes wide open.

Relax. Let the tension all flow out. Don’t hold it in. Give yourself permission to totally relax.

Let everything flow through you. Loosely flex the body and mind.

Observe yourself being yourself.

Peer pressure is powerful pressure. Resist it if it is harmful. Embrace it if it is healing.

Don’t guess what others are thinking. Politely ask them.

Love doing something nice for other beings.

Don’t be afraid of reality. Embrace it and be happy. Wonder what will happen next.

Lay on your back on Mother Earth. Spread your arms. Spread your legs. Feel the flows of energy into, within and outside of you. Inhale fully and slowly. Exhale with a sound that helps you relieve stress and strain.

Love your past, present and future. Love who you are, who you were, and who you will be. Everything in your past has led to who you are now. When you embrace the present, you are also embracing/accepting everything in your past.

Live joyously in an interesting place at an interesting time.

Even with people we love, we can probably be even more loving than we are.

We definitely should not sit with our hands folded on the desk. Thoreau regretted how well behaved he was in his life.

Don’t over-think. Don’t under-think. Think just right.

Rewire yourself.

Walk the walk literally and figuratively.

Don’t ruin anything today because of tomorrow.

Take things seriously but don’t take things too seriously.

Our thoughts distract us from ourselves and from reality. If the mind is too loud it drowns out the scenery.

Be a role model for yourself.

Like someone for real in non-virtual life.

Be a voice of love.

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