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My scientific career began with getting a Biochemistry Ph.D. at Princeton University. I later conducted scientific research at Oxford, Harvard and the University of California. I discovered that I loved, valued, and was much better at explaining science than doing research. I therefore switched my career  to assisting K-12 science education and public understanding of science.

My work has featured a focus on promoting educator, student, and public understanding of global environmental issues. As Earth’s dominant global species, we face interlinked crises that we have caused with respect to climate change, biodiversity extinctions and emerging  pandemics. Remedial actions that we undertake to reduce climate change will also help reduce species extinctions and pandemics. 

I try to promote understanding of these three linked global issues in bookspresentations, blogs, and curricular resources targeted for K-12 educators and students. Our global environmental challenges are daunting. Most humans would suffer, with the greatest damage to disadvantaged populations, today’s youth, and future generations. Fortunately, we already have the knowledge and technologies to solve these problems and heal the damage to Earth’s web of life and human communities.

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